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The Robart Super Stand II looks simple because it is not over engineered. It does the job it was designed for and does it well.
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Robart Super Stand II

Bench-top stability reduces hangar rash

Text, photos and video by Tom Hintz

Posted – 4-28-2017

Despite their graceful stability in the air, our model airframes can be outright unstable and seemingly bent on throwing themselves off the workbench. Being able to put my airframes or components into a stable stand, at the various angles I need is very much like having the proverbial “extra set of hands” that are never there. The Robart Super Stand II (#402) has proven to be a remarkably simple and effective solution that makes virtually any type of work on my bench easier, less frustrating and it came at a surprisingly low price. Effective and cheap? In RC flying? C’mon!

The Basics

The Robart Super Stand II is an easily adjustable work station that makes preparation of my model airplanes and their components far easier than when they were sliding/rolling around my workbench. Made from a durable foam the Robart Super Stand II is tough, light and waterproof but more importantly resists damage from glow fuels many modelers use.

The Robart Super Stand II is easy to assemble and comes apart just as easily for out of the way storage. The vertical pieces that contact the model can be adjusted in horizontal length to accommodate a huge range of aircraft sizes and types. Those end supports are 1-1/2” thick but with expanded bosses where the tubes go through that takes them to 2-1/4”-thick to greatly enhance stability. The end supports can be located literally against each other to about 30” apart. The foam material used to manufacture the Robart Super Stand II means it can support everything from gliders to many giant scale warbirds.

The end pieces (left) are tough but get tougher around the boss for the tubing to be durable over the long term. The end pieces an be moved on the tubing (right) to adjust the width of the Robart Super Stand II as needed, up to 30".
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The parts of the Robart Super Stand II are precisely molded to produce a snug fit between the uprights and tubes to help avoid loosening after a bunch of use. The fit is close enough that they tell us to lube the insides of the upright holes and the exterior of the tubes themselves with a bit of petroleum jelly and specifically not motor oil which in some forms can attack foam. That lube job is the extent of the “complications” (if we can call it that) I found with the Robart Super Stand II.

Probably second on the “most complicated” portion of assembly is adding the non-marring pads to the contact pieces on each upright. We must peel the backing off the self-sticking foam pads and wipe the surface to which they will be stuck with alcohol. After resting up from the exertion of that task you simply stick the foam pads in place and the Robart Super Stand II is done.

In the Shop

I bought the Robart Super Stand II to make my life in the shop a little easier for me and safer for my planes. On both counts the Robart Super Stand II performs very well. So often it is the simple things that make the biggest difference. The design of the Robart Super Stand II does look to be very simple but the thought behind it is extensive. The range of adjustments really does give the Robart Super Stand II a huge operating range that simplifies holding any of my planes and components at the angle needed so I can concentrate on doing the work and getting it right the first time.

When the work is done, you have the option of taking the Robart Super Stand II apart to store flat on a shelf to take up way less space than you would think. In my shop, I can often find space so I can simply stand the Robart Super Stand II on end and it is ready for use when I need it next. I like simple!


Video Tour

The Robart Super Stand II is a handy piece of equipment for any RC shop whether you do planes, boats or even cars. I like it when a product does what it says it will and the Robart Super Stand II does live up to its promises and then some.

I paid $17. 99 (4-23-2017) for the Robart Super Stand II and I consider that to be very short money for something with this much usefulness in my shop. Add to that the time I don’t spend fixing the covering or finish of my planes after working on them and the Robart Super Stand II saves time as well.

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