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Carrying wings around without damaging them isn;t as easy as it sounds. RedwingRC Wingbags makes the job easy and safe.
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RedwingRC Wingbags

High end protection at budget-saving prices

Text, photos and video by Tom Hintz

Posted – 4-7-2015

Model airplane wings are surprisingly awkward when not on the plane. Transporting them without developing “hangar rash” or worse can be more than difficult when you consider the potential collisions with everything else we have to take to the field. RC folks have made all sorts of wing carrying devices including some that actually did offer some protection but all of those are in one way or another a compromise to the real purpose designed wingbags.

The Basics

RedwingRC Wingbags are made from a tough, weather resistant nylon fabric that surrounds foam padding. Those materials combine for a high degree of protection. The inside of the individual wing slots has a fleece-like material that won’t mark up the covering. If anything this soft material would seem more likely to polish the wings than rub them the wrong way. There also is a separating panel between the wings that is also covered with the soft material covering another layer of foam.

The RedwingRC Wingbags feature a heavy duty zipper closure that is backed up by hook and loop-type straps across the end closure. I like that these bags open on the end rather than down the full length as it makes loading the removing the wings easier when you don’t have table space to lay the bag on.

Another nice feature is the full-length outside pocket that also has a zipper closure. This outer pocket is great for storing side force generators and end plates. The padding between the outer pocket and the wings inside mean no more mysterious “dimples” in the covering that resemble the side force generators.

RedwingRC Wingbags use heavy nylon material (left) tat is tough and water resistant. A heavy duty zipper opens the large end of the bag (right) and makes getting even large wings in and out easy.
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RedwingRC Wingbags also have a wing tube pocket on the outside of the bag. A simple but effective hook and loop closure makes sure the wing tube stays in its pocket. If you leave your wing tube at home with a RedwingRC Wingbag it’s all on you.

Finally the RedwingRC Wingbags come with generous carry handles and straps so you can multi-task when unloading the trailer or vehicle. The handles and straps are made from a webbed nylon that is obviously way stronger than need be but RC pilots are known for over-stressing things so better to be safe than sorry.


The RedwingRC Wingbags are available in three sizes, all of which seem somewhat bigger than normal which means they fit more wings better. I would much rather have a little extra room in a wingbag than having to stuff the wing into it. You do have to measure your wings to be sure you get the right RedwingRC Wingbag.

The small RedwingRC Wingbags are 24” at the top, 41” long and 10” at the bottom. Medium RedwingRC Wingbags are 28”at the top, 47” long and 13” at the bottom. The large RedwingRC Wingbags are 32” at the top, 54” long and 16” at the bottom.

At the Field

A full width, padded center panel (left) separates the wings inside of the bag. A full length, zippered pocket (right) provides a bunch of storage for whatever you need to bring along.
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There really isn’t a lot to say about using the RedwingRC Wingbags other than they work as intended. My wings go in and come out easily and more importantly manage both without damage. Having a good wingbag means I can store them in my trailer between planes and not worry about one damaging the other. Trying to store individual wings securely in a trailer or car without developing dents and holes is way harder than it seems, especially if you have more than one set of wings to take along. Being able to place wingbags between planes and in other spaces gives me way more space to carry all of the other stuff I hardly ever use but always carry along just in case.

The wing tube pocket in the RedwingRC Wingbags may seem like a small feature unless you have gone to the field a time or two without the wing tube. For those of us who suffered such an incident having that pocket on the RedwingRC Wingbags is just one more way to prevent arriving at the flying field tubeless.

No matter how you transport your RC planes and wings, the RedwingRC Wingbags go a very long way towards making those trips without new repair work to do. Generally I look at how easy a product is to use but since the tough part of using the RedwingRC Wingbags is operating the zipper I think we can assume that they are easy to use, for most of us anyway.


We pay lots of money for the wings we put on our equally expensive airplanes which are totally useless if we break a wing on the way to the field. It only makes sense to invest in a good protection device for the wings to preserve the investment and to make unpacking at the field a happier event.

Another point in the RedwingRC Wingbags favor is the price. At this writing the RedwingRC Wingbags start at $55.99 (4-7-2015) for the small size, $69.99 for the medium version and $79.99 for the largest size. Since wingbags never seem to go away (I have a wingbag hat is on its fourth plane…..) this is an investment that will pay dividends in trouble free transport for a long time.

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