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The OpenPilot software is free and easy to use. Wizards make initial setups very easy and produce a stable quad.
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Setting Up the Spedix 250 CC3D Quad in OpenPilot

Simple for now, a terror in the air later

Text, photos and video by Tom Hintz

Posted 10-27-2015

First lets be clear that the setup shown in this video is basic and is known to work for my Spedix 250 CC3D quad. Remember to take the propellers off whenever working on the quad and follow the instructions within the OpenPilot program closely. There is lots of room for tweaking and stepping up performance later when we know more about flying these machines so I stay purposely basic in this setup.

We have to make some choices during the setup process so I find it handy to print out the specifications of my Spedix 250 from the BuddyRC web site and have that available while doing this procedure. You may run into other choices that are more important on your quad and the manufacturer or retailer handling it might be your best bet to get the necessary information.

There are lots of on-line resources to be found with Google searches for the kind of info you are looking for. Many experienced fliers will offer setup tips and more. Of course some will just tell you that your question is "answered elsewhere on that forum" , "in this thread" or other rude answers meant to make you go away. Just move on, there are lots of kind people out there and may be more than a couple in your RC club, or the club you should be joining if flying radio control is what you want to do. The club and AMA membership gets you a safe place to fly, insurance and lots of help.

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Resources - To get the free software. Pay attention as there are versions for use with the CC3D controller and at least one other that works with other controllers.

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