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The range of channels available with this RX bring a versatility to channel selection.
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Fat Shark 5.8GHZ 5G8RX 32ch Race Band Receiver Module for Dominators

Channel selecting versatility with a liability

Text and photos by Tom Hintz

Posted – 10-28-2015

I recently attended the first FPV (first person view) quad event held at our club (RCWingers, Mooresville, NC) and the surprisingly large turnout made it very clear that video transmission frequency control remains a major issue. It also showed that having a larger number of frequencies from which to choose is not a bad idea either. Soon after getting into FPV I saw a friends Fat Shark 5.8GHZ 32ch Race Band Receiver Module that is compatible with my FatShark DominatorV2 FPV “Goggles” so I ordered one.

The Basics

The Fat Shark 32ch Race Band Receiver Module can function on any of 32 channels within the 5GHz band including the relatively new race frequency with evenly separated frequencies designed for racing.

The Fat Shark 32ch Race Band Receiver Module is designed to be a plug and play addition to the FatShark DominatorV2 FPV “Goggles” and is designed to be easy to use in that headset. The standard antenna connection is located to come through the hole in the module docking cavity cover. You do have to remove the antenna and cover to change bands but that is quick work.

A set of two dip switches are accessible without having to remove the Fat Shark 32ch Race Band Receiver Module from the headset. Graphics printed on the face of the Fat Shark 32ch Race Band Receiver Module show the combination of dip switch positions that let you select one of the four available bands quickly and easily, as long as you have a tool with a rather sharp point which with to move the tiny dip switches.

In the Field

A pair of tiny dip switches (left) are set according to the graphics printed on the front of the RX. This is a true plug and play (right) with the FatShark Dominator V2 headset.
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So far the Fat Shark 32ch Race Band Receiver Module has functioned perfectly. I like components that you can install and essentially forget, in this case until I need to change frequencies. I equipped the receiver with an ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz SpiroNET Antenna that matches the other half of this set on my Lumenier TX5G6R Mini 600mW 5.8GHz FPV video transmitter. After logging dozens of flights I am happy to report that my video signal has been very clear with the exception of one spot at our flying field that seems to compromise virtually everyone’s video.

I realize that using this combination of video components brings responsibilities. Changing to one of the 32 available channels means powering up the video transmitter and clicking through the bands and channels to get to the one I need. With the weekend group I fly most with his is not an issue as we are usually all “on the bench” between flights when such a frequency change would be made. At an event such as our FP fun fly that process can seriously degrade the video of others that may be flying at the moment. To fix that I will be reviewing (and using) dummy load adapters that replace the antenna on the Lumenier TX5G6R Mini 600mW 5.8GHz FPV Transmitter while I am making a channel change. The review of the dummy loads will be linked here when we have completed in the field testing.


The Fat Shark 32ch Race Band Receiver Module is a welcome and reliable part of my FPV system and one that enables me to fly more and interfere with others less. I like that it is a real plug and play addition to my FatShark DominatorV2 FPV “Goggles” and needs no adapting or complicated setup.

The Fat Shark 32ch Race Band Receiver Module has a street price of just $29.99 (10-28-2015) which to me is not exorbitant for what it does and the flying time this capability makes possible. One of the big parts of flying FPV for me is relaxation and the Fat Shark 32ch Race Band Receiver Module helps me achieve that which is uncommon in my usual relationship with electronics.

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