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This "preview" is intended to prevent some of you from killing MiniSD cards as I have due to a little information left out of the Fat Shark Dominator V2 instruction manual.
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Fat Shark Dominator V2 "Goggles"

Great for FPV flight but beware of recording

Text, photo and video by Tom Hintz

Posted - 10-23-2015

Update: After all of this back and forth I lucked out and the company I bought the Fat Shark Dominator V2 from issued a refund and I was able to get the V3 locally. That review is in progress and will be presented on this site soon.

When I ventured into FPV quad racing there really wasn;t much choice in the "goggles" I would get. The Fat Shark Dominator V2 are virtually anointed by the masses as the leader and for flying, I totally agree. However, this Review "Preview" is the first I have ever done because I came across something that needs to be said right away.


The Fat Shark Dominator V2 have a DVR of sorts built in that allows you to record your flight on MiniSD memory cards. Great idea. The problem once again lies in poorly written instructions and Fat Sharks' apparent unwillingness to recognize the issue in a meaningful way on their site.

If you record as per the instructions, stop the recording with the button push per the instructions and then remove the MiniSD card there is a good chance that you will kill the video and perhaps the MiniSD card and, according to Fat Shark support, you could also damage the mechanism within the Fat Shark Dominator V2 headset.

When I contacted Fat Shark about this I got a tersely phrased answer asking me to "Please don't remove the SD card while the goggles are still powered , it will corrupt the files and damage the card or the card reader in the DVR. Please try doing it properly and powering off the goggles BEFORE removing the card."

Now I had been using the enclosed instruction manual and went back to be sure I had't miss read something. The possible damage to the MiniSD card and/or headset is not mentioned and neither is the required sequence to prevent this damage. I suspect the person responding to my question knows all about this and is tired of the consumers not divining the correct way to use their product.

This little section of the Fat Shark Dominator V2 instruction manual lacks the important information that would have prevented killing two brand new MiniSD cards. Click on the image to get a larger, easier to read image.

At this writing I have two MiniSD cards that appear to be dead (say Memory Full when I try to format them in the Fat Shark Dominator V2) and I have no idea if this did anything to the DVR mechanism within the headset. I guess I have to try another MiniSD card to find that out.

Watch for my upcoming review of the Fat Shark Dominator V3!

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