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The Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun is very hi-tech but dead simple to use. I like that kind of electronics!
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Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun with Laser Sight

The accurate (and pain free) way to check temperatures

Text, photos and video by Tom Hintz

Posted – 6-23-2016

There are lots of things in radio control that can be damaged by excessive heat. Combustion and electric motors along with radio gear are just the major players in the list of heat-susceptible equipment we use. Too many of us think that our fingers tell us all we need to know but the reality is that they can identify cold, hot and “that hurts” with little or no real temperature information. Now, the Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun can tell us exactly what we need to know with an accuracy range light years ahead of our fingers.

The Basics

The Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun (#DYNP2000) is a hand-held, pistol-style heat sensor with a “laser” sight that shows where we are actually taking the reading. This is an important point because we need to know exactly where on say a gas e are sampling the temperature if we are trying to determine if a bearing is going or if the motor is overheating due to another problem such as a lean condition. The laser is bright enough to be seen easily even in bright daylight. The Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun can measure temperatures in the -76F to 932F (-60 to 500C) range with an accuracy of +/- 2% with a 1/10-degree resolution. It takes around 1 second for the Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun to complete the temperature measurement. Perhaps just a tick slower than our fingers but pain free and way more accurate.

The Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun can display its reading in Celsius for those who actually paid attention in math and science class or Fahrenheit for the rest of us. A push button on the face selects between the two ranges. Being able to switch between the two scales can be helpful when following a diagnostic procedure that provides parameters in the scale you do not use normally.

The big hole ( left) is where the gun reads the temperature. The smaller "laser" light below it just shows where you are taking the reading. Car folks can shoot temperatures of batteries and engines, (right) even tire temps are possible for the oval track crowd.
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The Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun is tool-box friendly weighing just 7 oz with an overall size of 3" x 6" x 1.5". The LCD display features an amber back lit that makes reading it in many light conditions easy. It uses two AAA batteries for power with an expected battery life of about 30 hours of continuous use. The screen shows the current temperature as well as the highest recorded while the trigger has been depressed. Temperatures below or above the Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun capabilities will be noted on the screen with a Hi or Lo message. Battery condition is also noted on the screen during use.

In Use

I bought the Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun originally to monitor the temperature range of the three cylinders on my Saito 60cc Radial to help identify a lean condition in one or more cylinders if one developed. However, knowing the temperature of different parts of any combustion engine is important if you want to keep an eye on its health. Things like being able to quantify the effect of adding airflow through a cowl on engine temperature can be especially important.
You can also take a quick temperature survey of your servos to see if one or more is running hotter than the rest. That can indicate servos that are struggling under the load or are in the early stages of giving up altogether. Battery and motor temperatures in a RC car/truck can tell you it’s time to make a change to preserve those expensive components.

The reality is that the Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun is very accurate and easy to use. Your fingers are not accurate and are downright lousy in terms of heat resistance. If your RC budget is as small as mine is being able to monitor important temperatures can be crucial to preventing failures my bank account can’t afford. All too often if you wait to see heat-related discoloration the damage is already significant. The Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun lets you identify temperature trends well before they become dangerous and permanent.


I use the Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun primarily for ready cylinder temperatures on my radial engine. (left) I can also check for "hot" servos that might be getting ready to die or are working too hard.
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The Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun is easy to use and very accurate. Our technology-based lifestyles make this point and shoot heat gun a natural for folks in the RC hobby. With a street cost of just $54.95 (6-23-2016) the Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun is a sound investment that can save lots of money in the very near future.
Radio control in whatever form you like is supposed to be relaxing and fun. The Dynamite© Pro Temp Gun can help in that pursuit by letting you know that your equipment is working well or where it needs attention before it needs to be replaced. Your budget will thank you for coughing up the $54.95.

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